The HYDRA Megamazon Vegan Forest line has a concentrated, vegan, biodegradable formula and free of dyes and parabens, being an excellent differentiated service option for the Aesthetic Center. It is an eco-friendly line, with HYDRA quality, providing hygiene and beauty to pets, in a sustainable way and with high performance. Its differentiated and high-fixation fragrances prolong the durability of the bath. Try the products of the HYDRA Megamazon line and be enchanted by the results!


High fixation
Guaraná and Açaí fragrance

DIRECTIONS: Topical use.
Dilute the HYDRA Vegan Forest Energy Shampoo in 10 parts of water and apply all over the coat, spread the product, massage well until it forms a uniform lather and rinse. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
Dilute the HYDRA Vegan Forest Energy Conditioner in 4 parts of water, spread throughout the coat, massaging in the direction of the coat growth until evenly applied, rinse, and dry the coat normally.
Finish up by applying the HYDRA Vegan Forest Energy Cologne all over the dry coat.





Shipping Weight 0.3000kg