The Forest Energy Collection features powerful odor-neutralizing actives while hydrating and toning the coat for a strong and lustrous appearance. Hydra Forest Energy Shampoo, a unique blend of nature and science, perfect for both dogs and cats. Part of the esteemed Hydra Vegan range, this exceptional product is infused with the powerful active ingredients of Guaraná and Açaí, offering a rejuvenating touch to your pet's coat. Discover the power of nature with Hydra Forest Energy Shampoo. It is not just another shampoo; it is an eco-conscious choice for a stronger, healthier, and fresh-smelling coat. Use the combination of this shampoo and the Hydra Vegan Forest ENERGY conditioner.

The captivating Guaraná and Açaí fragrance adds an energizing touch, making grooming a powerful sensory journey for pets.
Vegan Forest Energy Shampoo Size: 1000 mL / 33.8 fl. oz.

Cleanse the coat with a super concentrated formula adding strength and shine having an amazing fragrance.

Amazonian Essence: Formulated with 100% Amazon Extracts, it imbues the coat with the essence of the rainforest.
Strength and Suppleness: Guaraná and Açaí actives work in synergy to strengthen the coat, adding an unparalleled sense of lightness and flexibility.
Eco-Friendly and Vegan: Committed to the planet, this 100% biodegradable formula is vegan, making it a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious pet owners.
Odor Neutralizing: Experience the quick-drying properties and exceptional ability to neutralize odors, leaving a fresh, natural scent that lingers.
Concentrated Formula: 10:1 A highly efficient formula ensuring prolonged use and effectiveness.

Usage Guidelines: Suitable for dogs and cats over 4 weeks old. Dilute one part shampoo with 10 parts water, massage into the coat, rinse thoroughly, and repeat if necessary for optimal results. For optimal result, please combine this with the Hydra Vegan Forest Energy Conditioner.





Shipping Weight 2.0000kg