The Forest Soul Collection features powerful odor-neutralizing actives while hydrating and protecting the coat for a shine and healthy appearance. The aroma of Cupuaçu adds an enchanting touch, making grooming a soul-touching sensory journey for pets. A deeply nourishing and hydrating conditioner designed for the eco-conscious and health-oriented consumer. This conditioner combines the essence of the forest with advanced vegan-friendly ingredients to deliver unparalleled softness, manageability, and shine to all hair types. Its formula is rich in botanical extracts and natural oils. Experience the soul and alluring scent of Cupuaçu that turns the wellness session into a moment of pure pleasure. This conditioner is the perfect complement to the HYDRA VEGAN FOREST SOUL SHAMPOO, offering a holistic hair care solution that honors the beauty and vitality of the natural world.

Vegan Forest Soul Conditioner Size: 1000 mL / 33.8 fl. oz.

Seal the cuticles of the hair, providing softness, shine and malleability as well as detangle and moisturize the coat (4:1).

It’s all in the details:
A concentrated formula with a dilution ratio of 4:1.
A rich, creamy texture that glides effortlessly through the hair, ensuring easy application and even coverage.
Designed to detangle and moisturize the hair.
Adds softness, shine, and manageability to all hair types.
Suitable for topical use, with directions to dilute in water, apply, massage, and rinse thoroughly.
For the best result, use the combination of this conditioner and the Hydra Vegan Forest SOUL shampoo.
Suitable for daily use and all hair types.





Shipping Weight 2.0000kg